Most Scenic Skydiving Locations in the World

Most Scenic Skydiving Locations in the World

There are so many various ways to feel the vastness of the universe. There are some incredibly stunning spots in the globe to skydive to increase your adventures, whether you’re a skydiver looking to combine your hobby with some international travel or perhaps a visitor looking to view the world from a fresh perspective. Australia and New Zealand in particular have some of the top skydiving locations on earth.

The Greatest Skydiving Locations in the World

1. New Zealand’s Abel Tasman


2. New Zealand’s Fox Glacier

Skydiving above Fox Glacier is fantastic because it offers a wealth of opportunities to see some of New Zealand’s most well-known geological features. Stunning landmarks including Mt. Tasman, Aoraki Mt. Cook, and Fox Glacier are just a few that can be seen from this dropzone.


3. United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Palm Jumeirah

You’d be crazy if you didn’t fly over the Palm Jumeirah when you’re in Dubai. In fact, reservations are advised many weeks in advance because this place is so well-liked.

4. California, USA Taft

Taft, California, which has been rated as one of the top dropzones in the country, is about two hours’ drive from Los Angeles. Taft University is renowned for its outstanding facilities, clear sky, and nearly year-round jumping conditions. Don’t forget to include this stop in your California travels.


5. Australia’s Great Ocean Road is in Victoria

Australia is renowned for having a ton of fantastic dropzones but The Great Ocean Road is a perennial favorite. The Great Ocean Road will hold your attention from beginning to end with its dramatic shoreline, unusual rock formations, and breathtaking scenery.


6. India’s Chamundi Hill

Chamundi Hill, recognized as the best skydiving location in India, is well-known for its verdant scenery and historic temples set on hills. Most people consider Chamundi, which is 140 miles from Bangalore, to be well worth the trip.

7. New Zealand’s Lake Taupo

Over Lake Taupo is one of the most well-liked locations for skydiving in New Zealand. As you fall you can see the surrounding snow-capped mountains in addition to New Zealand’s largest lake.


8. Grand Canyon, USA, Arizona

The Grand Canyon, one of the most breathtaking sights in the country, is a narrow canyon in Arizona created by the Colorado River. The Grand Canyon, which varies in width from 4 miles at its narrowest to 18 miles at its widest point, is rich in natural geological characteristics.


9. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Zambia

Victoria Falls, a breathtaking sight on the boundary between Zambia and Zimbabwe, is situated on the Zambezi River. You’ll have a few options for this expedition, with operations based in Livingstone, Zambia, and the Zambezi National Park. Skydiving over the falls is however typically only permitted at specific times of the year due to fluctuating water levels. Call in advance if possible!

10. Nepal’s Mount Everest

Join an elite expedition and see the tallest mountain in the world from a different perspective. You’ll receive much more than the standard skydiving experience with tandem packages starting at $25,000. Five-star lodging, a top-notch trek guide, and all the necessary gear for the 11-day expedition are all included. This might be a great reach for the casual skydiver, but for the committed, it’s the journey of a lifetime.


11. U.S. Key West, Florida

The United States is renowned for its expansive skydiving chances and open air environment. Magnificent vistas of the Florida Keys and the Caribbean Sea may be seen while skydiving above Key West. You might even be able to see the coastlines of a stunning neighbor, Cuba, on a clear day.


12. Australia’s Mission Beach in Queensland

As you glide over this 14 km long beach, take in the brilliant waters, colorful animals, and charming Dunk Island of the Great Barrier Reef. This dropzone won’t let you down.

13. New Zealand’s Franz Josef

There are several great dropzones in New Zealand but the Franz Josef Glacier offers a genuinely exceptional experience. The panorama around this dropzone is continuously changing as a result of the Franz Josef Glacier’s quick retreat. So, you might leap there multiple times and have a completely different experience each time. Tandem jumps are also performed from 19,000 feet, which is the highest point in the Southern Hemisphere.


In general, skydiving is not a cheap hobby, and the costs at these dropzones range from being somewhat affordable to being somewhat outrageous. But whichever option you choose, you can be sure to have a magnificent experience.

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